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Communication experts with an international focus (INTERCOM)

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A network of Danish and non-Danish communication experts who work in an international context.

INTERCOM is a network of Danish and non-Danish communication experts who work in an international context. We share knowledge of what works in our communication or warn each other about what may not have worked.

Purpose of the network

The network idea is born out of necessity. In Denmark, there are networks for translators and ordinary communication experts, but not a network that focuses on both communication and internationality.

The purpose of the network is to create new relationships and expand our professional horizon. We focus on the practical basis of our work, and when necessary, we will address foundational principles and theories behind international communication.

Who can join the network?

Basically, this is a network of freelance, self-employed or employed professionals, regardless of their nationality, who communicate daily with people who speak another language or refer to another culture.

Translators are welcome, as well as PR specialists, journalists, interpreters, copywriters, Social Media managers, workers in the publishing or the touristic industry, dubbing dialogists, graphic designers, marketing specialists, language localization experts, strategic communicators, cultural studies specialists, video makers, global market managers, international advertising specialists, and other professionals in international industries who develop and share messages that reach audiences across borders.

We aim to incorporate multiple disciplines of communication, and any form of content creation is involved.

How does it work?

We basically hold the network meetings in the Copenhagen area, approximately every other month. But other locations are also an option. In case of need, we can also hold online meetings.

The members of the network help to determine the themes for meetings.

As a participant, you must be ready to give small presentations about your own projects and give good advice and sparring to the others in the network.

How to join?

Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you. If you have any questions, please ask DM Netværk

E.g. high energy, curiosity, expert knowledge, relevant experience.