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Association of danish masters of forestry (DFF)

DFF is a network primarily for graduates in forestry from Copenhagen University Life Sciences. DFF was founded in 1897 as an association for forestry discussions. Members of this association were persons with an interest in forestry of which many were graduates in forestry. The purpose of the association was to give foresters old as young a forum to meet and exchange knowledge and discus new ideas. The Association for Forestry Discussions was in 1918 changed to an association only for graduates and student of forestry. This was done in order to look after graduate interests and working conditions.

In 1997 the association changed form yet again when the associations for graduates in agronomy, horticulture, landscape architecture and forestry were united in one single association for agricultural graduates. Now salary and conditions of appointment were looked after by a greater organisation securing better conditions for the members.

Since 1997 DFF has functioned as a network within the Association of Agricultural Graduates and is moreover back where it all started as a forestry discussion association. Today the purpose of DFF is to gather Danish graduates in forestry to look after both professional (academic) and social interests of the profession. This is primarily promoted through academic and social activities and by giving research and travelling grants. Further DFF is managing a small forest with a residence which can be used for meetings, recreation and students arrangements. Members are still primarily graduates and students in forestry. The Network has 554 graduate and 12 student members (2019).

DFF is run by a committee which consists of 10 members, a chairman, a committee chairman of activities and 6 other members plus two student representatives. All members of the committee are elected at an annual general meeting. A chairman can normally at maximum maintain the chair for three consecutive election periods.

In The Association of Agricultural Graduates members are sorted into groups according to occupation. A council consisting of a number of members from each group and has the upper most authority of the association. The council meets once a year. Between council meetings the association is run by a committee elected by the council. The committee has both the economical as well as the political responsibility. The committee consists of 7 members. The chairman of DFF is traditionally one of those 7 members.

Text by Ejgil Edfort Andersen 2008
Edited by Michael Øllgaard 2012

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