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Student accounts at Lån og Spar Bank

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As a student and member of DM, you can get Denmark's best student account at Lån og Spar Bank.

As a student, you get a student account with many benefits that will help you throughout your studies. A student account gives you benefits such as 5% interest on the first DKK 20,000. You can also get a cheap line of credit that can help you if you need money for a new bike or this year's books.

In addition to the cash benefits, a student account will provide you specialist advice - from people who know you and your fellow students better than most. If you are looking for housing, you can get help to make a financial plan for how you can afford to e.g. buy an appartment. And then the very best – you'll keep your student account 3 years after you graduate. 

You can quickly and easily apply for the Student Account via our app "Zapp", you will receive a response to your application within 24 hours on weekdays.

How to get Denmark's best student account 

  • You are a member of DM.
  • You collect all your personal finances at Lån & Spar.
  • You get the student account on the basis of an ordinary credit assessment.
  • You get 5% interest on the first DKK 20,000, then 1%.
  • You keep the student account for up to 3 years after graduation.
  • All interest rates are variable and valid per 13 June 2023.

Apply for Denmark's best student account

Contact us to hear more about all the benefits you gain at Lån & Spar Bank as a student in DM.

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