Membership benefits

See the benefits you gain from your membership in DM and MA.

Financial member benefits

Your membership gives you access to discounts on a wide variety of products, services, and experiences that can make a difference in your everyday life.

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Professional member benefits

As a member of DM and MA you gain a number of advantages. We'll help you with your studies, your student job, and future career considerations.

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Student insurance package

A student insurance package with extra benefits for DM members.

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Student accounts at LSB

As a student and member of DM, you can get Denmark's best student account at Lån og Spar Bank.

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Free classes and events

As a student and member of DM and MA, you can come to classes and participate in exciting events for free.

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Activity fund

DM Students supports students who take the initiative to create events and activities that benefit their fellow students.

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