Student life

Thriving as a student

As a student, thriving academically is crucial. DM can assist with tough decisions regarding courses, jobs, exchanges, and internships.

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Membership benefits

Get affordable student insurance packages and other financial benefits.

10 tips for undergraduate students

Join a union, get insured, find jobs/internships, manage finances, and enjoy your student life.

10 tips for graduate students

Sign up for the unemployment insurance fund, become a member of a union and explore your options.

5 paths to great student housing

Securing student housing in major university towns before classes is tough, but not impossible.

Take control of your finances as a student

Master your budget and take control of your finances. Learn how to save and manage expenses wisely.

Getting a bachelor's degree?

Read our tips on what to keep in mind as an undergraduate student.

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Student finances

Do you have a handle on your finances as a student?

Getting a graduate degree?

Read our tips on what to keep in mind as a graduate student.

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Looking for a student job?

It's often important to find a student job, both for your studies and for your finances.

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Graduating soon?

Find the path to your first job.