Being politically active in DM is about students and their well-being

Ronja Rose Ravnskov
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Ronja Rose Ravnskov is 23 and politically active in DM. Her political work adds an extra dimension to her student life at the University of Copenhagen. Through her work in DM, she hopes to improve conditions for all university students in Denmark.

You can be politically active in DM too. It will give you unique skills and knowledge that your studies will not teach you.

In DM, regular student board meetings take place to ensure that the conditions and the quality of your education are being improved.

One of those board members is 23-year-old Ronja Rose Ravnskov. Last year, she helped launching a well-being campaign focussing on the social aspect of the daily lives of university students.

"We decided to focus on stress, study environment and loneliness. To get the most out of their education, it is important and vital that students thrive in their studies and with their fellow students," she said.

Do you know your rights and your value on the labour market?

This year, she has mostly been working on a campaign raising awareness on student's rights. Very few students and graduates are aware of their rights on their student job or their value on the labour market.

"We were stunned to learn that many students do not know if they get paid when they are off sick or even if they are covered by a collective agreement. Also, many graduates are not aware of their value on the labour market, or that they have gained skills and competencies that are in high demand with employers," Ronja said."With this campaign, we want to teach students about their rights.

At the same time, we tell them that members of DM naturally get help and counselling from DM when they have a student job or when they have to negotiate their first salary," she added.

In favour of SU and against cuts to education

The board also addresses current political topics covered by the media or discussed in Parliament.

"We continue to fight against the cuts on SU every time they are brought up, just like we are opposed to funding cuts to universities. Unfortunately, these remain recurring topics of discussion. So we do our best to get ahead of the agenda on specific topics that we know will benefit students in the short run, and we are working hard to ensure SU for future generations too," said Ronja Ravnskov, who is herself a third year student of political science at University of Copenhagen.

Become politically active in DM Student

You can be an active member of the DM student board too. You will work as a volunteer and manage your own time.

Working as a board member has given Ronja valuable work experience that her university could not give her, including:

  • The opportunity to delve into specific topics of interest, something that the government's study progress reform has made harder to do on universities
  • Getting out of the university bubble, getting a taste of the labour market as a student, and working with exciting agendas in practice
  • Fighting for improving conditions for herself and her fellow students – in universities and in their working lives

The work has made her more aware of the many challenges facing students – and that these challenges vary between different studies.

"Students are dealing with different problems depending on their university and course of study. Some struggle with mental health and well-being, others may be affected by their physical surroundings, while others complain about too little feedback provided by professors. As politically active, it is super great to help find solutions for all students in Denmark."

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