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New graduates

Your first contract

Before starting your new job, you need an employment contract or proof of employment document.

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Your salary—Get what you’re worth

Your pay is typically a reflection of your education, your experience, the industry you work in, and possibly also previous pay.

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Understand your payslip

Payslips can look very different, depending on where you are employed. Here, you can find explanations of the most common information shown on payslips.

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10 tips for life after your studies

Get help and advice on everything from finding a job, contracts, finances, and unemployment benefits to holidays, housing, insurance, taxes, and pensions.

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What is a MUS?

It's an opportunity for you and your manager to talk about how you want to develop, and in what direction.

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Your transition from student life to working life may be challenging at times, but we can help you crack the code and get a foot in the door with the labour market.

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Considering becoming self-employed?

There are many benefits to starting your own business: you'll be your own boss, and you can work with the very things you've always dreamt of.

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Here, you can read more about the possibilities, rights, and obligations you have in relation to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

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