Your first contract

Your contract covers a lot more than your pay. DM consultant Michelle M. Jensen helped one member gain some contractual advantages corresponding to a 10% increase in pay.
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Before starting your new job, you need an employment contract or proof of employment document. The contract or proof of employment determines the terms of your employment. And before you sign it, there are a few things you should check.

Your employment contract or proof of employment specifies the rights you have in connection with (e.g.) parenthood, overtime, and holidays. It also says where you work and how much you are paid.

Contact DM

Will you be starting at a new job, or do you have questions about your current contract? Always contact DM (in Danish) or get a hold of a union representative who knows the conditions in your area.

Employees under individual contracts

If you are employed under an individual contract, you are covered by the rules in the Danish Act on Salaried Employees and the conditions in the employment contract. It's important to pay close attention to the contents of the employment contract; most often, it alone defines the terms of your employment. That means that it also indicates whether you have an employer-paid pension plan, more than five weeks of holiday time, or full pay during parental leave.

Checklist for your contract / proof document

Your employment contract determines the terms under which you work, and contracts can vary significantly when it comes to things like parental leave, overtime, and holidays. You can review your contract on your own with our checklists. We at DM can also review it for you.

At a minimum, the contract should include:

  • Your employer's name and address
  • A description of the work you will be performing, or what you are being hired as (your job title)
  • The date upon which you are hired and begin work. And, if the position is temporary, when your last day of work is.
  • How much holiday time you have a right to
  • How long your termination notice period is
  • Your pay and pension scheme
  • Your working hours; e.g., 37 hours per week
  • Whether you are covered by a labour agreement

Read more about contracts and view a sample private sector employment contract (in Danish)