Advice and answers

At DM, we offer advice and personal guidance on salary, salary conditions and which requirements you should set in your employment contract.

For students

Student life is characterized by high intensity. At DM, you can get help and advice during your studies.

For those with student jobs

Read about your rights in your student job and get tips for before, during and after the job.

For those who are graduating

Get help and advice on everything from job hunting, contracts, finances, unemployment benefits and unemployment insurance, holiday, housing, insurance, tax to pension.

For those seeking internships

In an internship, you can test the knowlegde you have learned while studying. Get advice on how to best approach an internship and an overview of your conditions and rights as an intern.

What are you worth?

Depending on which job you apply to, the pay you can expect from your first job can vary greatly.

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Student jobs

How can you get a relevant student job?

The Great Guide to Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is complex and filled with various concepts and rules. Simplify and smarten up with our comprehensive guide.

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Thriving as a student

Student life is intensely demanding, and too much pressure on students can affect their well-being in the long run.

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Internships while studying

Stay on top of your internship.