5 paths to great student housing

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Finding student housing in one of the country's largest university towns before classes start is difficult, but it's not impossible. We've put together some tips that can bring you closer to some great student housing.

1. Apply to a dormitory

As a rule, dormitories are the cheapest form of housing available to students.

Often, you'll share a kitchen and bathroom with other, but newer dormitories are beginning to offer "dormitory flats" that each have their own kitchen and bathroom.

Many dormitories are administered by a central office, like the Copenhagen Dormitory Office or the Aarhus Dormitory Office. There, you can apply for several dormitories at once.

Other dormitories are associated with particular universities, such as the University Park Dormitories in Aarhus, or the Valkendorf, Regensen, and Borch Dormitories in Copenhagen.

2. Sign up for youth housing

Youth housing is another offering that is available. Youth housing consists of ordinary flats that are reserved for young people and students.

Most large cities have a unified portal that lets you apply to several such buildings at once. These cities include Odense, which has six housing organisations that co-operate with each other, and Kolding.

In other parts of the country, you might need to apply to each housing company individually. Some municipal governments have chosen to use a rental portal like findbolig.nu to manage their youth housing.

3. Rent a space in senior housing

In Copenhagen, the municipal government and a number of housing companies have joined together to rent out unoccupied senior flats for students.

Because the number of elderly people in the city is falling, many of these flats are empty, and they make for excellent student housing. Most of these buildings are centrally located, and all of them have great kitchen and bathroom facilities.

4. Check the local paper

Especially if you plan on studying in a smaller town, the local paper can be an effective helper in your hunt for student housing.

There, you can often find housing advertisements from private landlords. If you call soon enough, you're likely to be considered for a property.

5. Use your network

You've seen them in your Facebook feed, no doubt: Those "looking for a place" posts where your friends and acquaintances are looking for "someone who knows someone who wants to rent out a room to a kind, quiet student".

And that's not a bad idea — especially if you've helped to share these posts from your friends in the past. What goes around comes around, as they say. If you're lucky, one of your friends just might have a friend who's looking for a new flatmate.