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The rules that govern holidays are the same for student jobs as they are for others.

In DM's advice pages regarding pay and terms of employment, you can read about your right to go on holiday, about holiday funds, and about paid holidays. You can also see when you need to request time off for your holiday and read about the rights you have if you become ill while on holiday.

Read more about holiday rules on dm.dk (in Danish)

If you haven't received holiday compensation

If a previous employer has forgotten to transfer your holiday compensation to your FerieKonto, you should let them know.

Template letter for missing holiday compensation (in Danish)

Join DM and MA

If you're a student, your DM membership is free the first year. After the first year your DM membership costs 20 DKK per month.

MA is free throughout your time as a student, as long as you're younger than 30.