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At DM we advise people daily on a broad range of topics. When you come to DM with a question, you get thorough counselling and a solid foundation for making important decisions in your work life.

Counselling on salary and employment

You have the opportunity for quick counselling on working conditions, contracts, days off, and salary. Just call us during opening hours or send an e-mail. We can check your contract and working conditions, and can assist in making the right demands to your employer. As a member of DM you can get legal help. This means that you, at no cost, can get cases that relate to your terms of employment tried in the relevant courts.

Career development and sparring

You should maintain and develop your value on the labour market. Therefore, we are consistently working to ensure that you can expand your qualifications and skills. We advise on job possibilities within your branch, check your applications and CV, and offer individual career sessions. At the same time, DM courses open the door to a long list of courses, a number of which even end with an exam. You can also get a mentor or become a mentor yourself.

Support when it matters

You have a whole team you can lean on if you have a conflict at your workplace. We support you with legal counselling. We can negotiate with your employer on your behalf, you can get stress counselling, and we can help with improving workplace environments.

If you are in economic distress because of an accident, illness, or life-altering events and as a result of, or in connection to, your work as a MA, you can apply to DM’s Social Security Fund for an interest-free loan.

If you become unemployed

First and foremost we ensure that you receive a proper termination. We handle more than 500 cases of wrongful dismissals every year, and we win the majority of them. Next, you get personal counselling, where we together outline your skills, and make a strategy for how you can get back to work. You will also get counselling on applying to jobs,the opportunity for an application check,helpful advice before a job interview, and much more.

Free lectures and events

We offer more than 150 professional events a year throughout the entire country. They cover a wide range of topics such as stress, negotiating tactics, leadership, branding and others, where you can be updated on new knowledge and groundbreaking research. And they are all free for members.

Networking and new contacts

You also become a member of a social community. Locally and at many of the events, you will meet other members who are passionate about their profession, want to exchange knowledge and are interested in networking. It can make you smarter and strengthen your career, while at the same time be enjoyable. And on LinkedIn we have a forum where these dialogues can continue.

If you are a manager, you can also sign up for DM’s leader network, which is a private space where you can discuss challenges and dilemmas in your own organisation with other leaders, and hear about their experiences.

Read more about DM’s leader network (Danish)

Cheap insurance and good discounts

You can save a lot of money—not in the least on accident, personal possessions, and car insurance from Alm. Brand. But you also get Denmark’s best discount on Politiken, as well as deals on experiences. You can get a loyalty card, where you earn bonus points every year. Actually, the discounts can almost pay for your membership fees on their own. See all discounts (Danish).

Political initiatives and negotiations

We are stronger when we stand together. With a growing number of members, we have one of the strongest voices—both in public debates and when it’s time to negotiate key deals and collective agreements on behalf of members. See how you can become active in DM in a member network (in Danish).

Inspiration and knowledge

You get Akademikerbladet 10 times a year in the mail. This is a magazine written and edited by journalists, filled with news, inspiration, and relevant information. You also receive newsletters once a week with guides and good advice. In short, there is plenty of knowledge and help to go around.

Local representatives

We have local representatives and contact persons (Danish) at more than 500 workplaces. They work to promote your interests at your job, and function as a link between employees and leadership. You can always turn to your local representative if you have questions or challenges.

Cash membership benefits

As a member of DM you get a number of cash benefits on things such as insurance, food and culture amongst other things. Click below to see the full list (in Danish).