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What does it cost to be a member? Your membership fees and the possibility to get adviceare dependent on where you are in your student or work life.

There are different fee levels. It is therefore important that you let DM know if there are changes in your situation. If, for example, your membership fees should be raised, this will be regulated from the point in time where your situation changes (also in the past). If your membership dues should be reduced, you can at most have them changed retroactively from two quarters back. You can change and add information yourself by logging into Mit DM.

Are you a student?

Membership dues—student Per month Per quarter
Student – first year’s membership * 0,00 0,00
Students 20,00 60,00
Student with double membership in DM and DALF   60,00
Student with double membership in DM and SUL 20,00 60,00


* The offer of one year's free membership only applies if you haven't previously been a member of DM.

Have you completed your studies?

Membership dues Per month  Per quarter
Full-time employees, managers,
part-time employees with more than 18 hours per week,
PhD students
379,67 1.139,00
On parental leave and receiving
parental leave unemployment benefits
183,67  551,00
Part time with max. 18 hours a week 183,67 551,00
Unemployed with the right to unemployment benefits 183,67  551,00
New graduate - first year
(applies for one year from the date
you have gotten your final grade).
20,00 60,00
Employed abroad on a danish contract 379,67 1.139,00
Employed abroad on a foreign contract 183,67 551,00
Self-employed 351,67 1.055,00
Self-employed, under 18 hours a week  175,83 527,50
Pensioner/Early retirees  75,17 225,50
Long-term unemployed,
referred to cash benefits Child-care leave
(60 percent of the maximum level of unemployment benifits)
38,00 114,00
Enlisted 75,17  225,50
Passive membership 75,17 225,50

Has your situation changed?

If you have gotten a new job, become unemployed, or gone on pension, you should let DM know. This can mean that your membership fees have changed.

Collecting fees

Your membership fees will be collected every quarter, and you will automatically receive a bill from us. We recommend that you sign up for Betalingsservice.

DM is not your unemployment fund

Remember that it is your unemployment fund (a-kasse) who administers and pays out your unemployment benefits. Unions and unemployment funds are two different organisations, and you are not automatically a member of an unemployment fund by being a member of DM.

Read more about unemployment funds on MA’s website (in Danish)

Tax deduction

You automatically receive a deduction for your trade union fees for a maximum of DKK 6,000.

Join DM

We work to improve the conditions for our members.

Terms of trade

See DM's trading terms, which deal with the way and terms on which online purchases and payments for membership can be made.