Advice and answers

DM can offer you advice and guidance about your career, your salary and general rules about your employment.


DM can oversee your employment contract making sure it live up to the legal minimum requirement for employees.

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Children and paid parental leave

Here you can read more about your options, rights, and obligations in relation to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

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Holidays and days off

As an employee you have the right to hold five weeks of holidays a year, but you do not always necessarily have the right to holiday time with pay.

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Illness and leave from work

You have as a rule the right to salary while you are sick, but you yourself have a number of obligations to your employer.

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When you have decided to quit your job, you should know the rules for giving notice.

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University Staff

Discover the essential rules and agreements governing your salary, benefits, and job structure as a state-employed academic.


If you are terminated, your employer should give you notice according to your contract, and you are entitled to a reason for your termination.

Leave of absence

If you have the right to get unpaid leave of absence, depends on your place of work.

Elements in the freelancer-agreement

As self-employed or freelancer, you can use DM's standard contract for service delivery agreements as inspiration.