Universities and institutions of higher education

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If you are employed with a university or an institution of higher education, e.g. academies of music and schools of visual arts, a significant part of your salary and your terms of employment are laid down in the job structure. Your salary is made up of basic salary, pension contribution and a fixed allowance.

Basic salary and pension contribution as October 1st 2023

  A B C D Gross pay
not incl. pension
Pension scheme
Total contribution 17,1 %
Total sum
Pay scale point Sen. Sen. Sen.  Sen. per year per month per year per month per year per month
1     1st year   302.550,00 25.212,50 51.736,00 4.311,33 354.286,00 29.523,83
2   1st year 2nd year 1st year 315.302,00 26.275,17 53.917,00 4.493,08 369.219,00 30.768,25
4 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 2nd year 330.649,00 27.554,08 56.541,00 4.711,75 387.190,00 32.265,83
4 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 3rd year 330.649,00 27.554,08 56.541,00 4.711,75 387.190,00 32.265,83
5 3rd year 4th year 5th year 4th year 356.357,00 29.696,42 60.937,00 5.078,08 417.294,00 34.774,50
6 4th year 5th year 6th year 5th year 379.803,00 31.650,25 64.946,00 5.412,17 444.749,00 37.062,42
7   6th year   6th year 384.660,00 32.055,00 65.777,00 5.481,42 450.437,00 37.536,42
8 5th year 7th year     402.903,00 33.575,25 68.896,00 5.741,33 471.799,00 39.316,58

A) MA/Cand.mag., MSc/cand.scient., MA/mag.art., MSC/mag.scient., MA(LSP)/cand.ling.merc. et al.
B) MA/Cand. phil., MA(LSP)/cand. interpret.
C) Bachelors (BA and BSc) are paid according to pay scale points 1-6.
D) One-year MA based on a university Bachelor degree.

The pay scale placement depends on the qualification (either pay development A , B, C or D). Advancement occurs once yearly until the final pay scale point has been reached. On first appointment, you are placed according to your accrued seniority according to the provisions set out in the collective agreement. Thus, if you have accrued 18 months’ employment which accrue seniority, an MA/cand.mag. will be placed on pay scale point 4 with advancement to pay scale point 5 after six months.

Public sector salary is agreed as gross pay. This means that the 17.1 percent pension contribution is paid in addition to the gross pay. The total pension contribution is paid by the employer and pension contributions are therefore not subtracted from your salary.

PhD fellow and principal positions

Other, general positions

Other, general positions that can be used within limited areas

Managerial positions