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DM offers many different kinds of services, all according to where you are in your career.

CV and application check

As a member, you can get feedback on your applications, CV, and LinkedIn profile when you are applying for jobs. Book a CV and application check online and get 15 minutes of personal feedback.

Get DM as a sparring partner

You can get a consultant to come out to your workplace. We will gladly spend an hour together with you and your colleagues, where we can come with insights that are relevant to well-being or growth at your workplace.

Counselling on outplacement

If you have been dismissed or given notice that you’ll be terminated, an outplacement program might be a good option to help you find another job. DM can help you with this program.

Career counselling

You can get individual and professional sparring on questions around career, work life, and skill development.

Mentor program

You can become a mentor or mentee in DM’s mentor program. In this program you share experiences and put a focus on your and others’ career development. Regardless of where you are in your career, you have something valuable to give onwards. We create the framework for this at DM, where you have ample opportunities to develop yourself both professionally and personally.