Vacancies for PhD graduates

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On this page you can see different examples of career opportunities for you as a PhD graduate.

Once you have defended your PhD thesis, you are qualified to carry out research. Traditionally, a PhD meant pursuing a career within the universities. This still applies to many of those who gain a PhD degree. However, to a greater extent than before, there are good opportunities for relevant work outside academia with the skills acquired through completing a PhD.

DM is a union representing a large group of PhD graduates and we see that, after defending their thesis, they are employed in many different types of positions.

In line with number of PhD graduates more than doubling since 2006, more and more PhD graduates have entered the Danish labour market. At the same time, the labour market has changed to the point where investment in research and development in the private sector now exceeds investment in the public sector. According to the Danish Research and Innovation Policy Council, the area of research and development in private companies is now about twice the size as that of the public sector. This has meant that employers in many different areas of the labour market have opened their eyes to what PhD graduates can actually contribute.

As an employee with a PhD degree outside the universities, you are able to handle a wide range of different jobs. Of course, which positions you are best equipped for depends on your field and your experience as a researcher.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration for what to do with your PhD, we outline some of the different roles that one can take on as a PhD graduate.

These roles are based on material collected by DM in 2018 through 35 interviews with PhD graduates.

Career consultation

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