Labour union and unemployment insurance fund

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A labour union and an unemployment insurance fund are two different organizations with two different kinds of missions and services for you. DM recommends being both a member of a labour union and an unemployment insurance fund.

Labour union

DM is a labour union and works, as all other unions with the right to negotiate do, both for the members’ collective and individual interests in the labour market.

This means that DM negotiates collective agreements, advises you as a member on things such as salary, employment terms, career, and workplace environment, and works to influence decision makers, so that working conditions for members on a whole become better.

Unemployment insurance fund

An unemployment insurance fund takes care of unemployment benefits and private unemployment insurance. It is the unemployment insurance fund you should turn to if you have questions regarding unemployment benefits or early retirement pay.

The majority of DM’s members are members of Magisternes A-kasse (MA), and students can get a free double membership for the first year of their studies. Acceptance into MA is based on your education.

Remember that a membership with DM does not in and of itself give the right to unemployment benefits.

Go to MA’s website.

What is Magisternes A-kasse

Magisternes A-kasse is for those of you who have a background in one of these specialties: humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, IT, communication, health, psychology, and pedagogy.

Magisternes A-kasse knows its humanists and scientists better than anyone else. They know the particular educations and the labour market, and ensure that members always get what they are entitled to—both in kroner and øre as well as in qualified counselling, courses, and arrangements.