ESG - Climbing the data mountatin to execute strategy

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ESG is not a 'Like to have' but a ‘Must have'!

Our planet's and people's future has become a priority for a wide range of stakeholders, and the rising methodology for assessing this priority is ESG. It is universally recognized that the financial and private sectors are key stakeholders who contribute to remedying social inequality, unethical company operations, carbon emissions, deforestation, and pollution, to name just a few global issues. With more and more firms responding to these challenges and working to improve the negative impact their production processes have on the planet, understanding how ESG data and methodologies can support the reporting and assessment of these ambitions is fundamental.

Companies are desperate to find qualified ESG practitioners, which represents a strategic risk to the company if they cannot fill the positions. This course will immerse participants in the world of ESG and offer relevant and strategic instruction tailored to their respective businesses.

Course content

This course will work towards remedying the described challenge, where participants will understand the inconsistencies of ESG data, develop a common language, and experiment with different ESG methodologies and ESG data providers.

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Tidspunkt 12. august 2024 08:00 - 08:30
Sted CBS Campus Dalgas Have 2000 Frederiksberg
Tilmeldingsfrist 28. juli 2024 - kl. 23:30
Medlemspris 24.500 kr.
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