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Danish Academic Foreigners Network (DAFNE) - a DM Networking Group

DAFNE is DM networking group for foreigners living and working in Denmark. In the group we share our knowledge an experiences about the Danish labor market for international academics.

DAFNE is my idea. I am Giulia Farina, a DM member from Italy now living in Copenhagen. Looking for a job and living in Denmark as an international academic, I wanted to share my experiences and learn from others.

I hope we will use the first meeting to come up with subjects for our meetings, but I was thinking something like this to begin with:

  • Living in Denmark and the Danes
  • Dos & Don’ts in the Danish labor market
  • How to use traditional channels as an international job seeker
  • Building professional network
  • Building social network
  • Getting a job with a background in humanities

Maybe we will also arrange to visit companies, have experts give us advice or make events for other international academics. We will see, where this group takes us. I will plan and host the first two meetings in the group with DM.

Who can join the DAFNE?
International academics living in Denmark. Most of us will as DM members have a background in humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. But all international academics are welcome.

How do I join DAFNE?
We kick off the group June 18th at Frederiksberg. You join by signing up below. If you have any questions, please write to netvaerk@dm.dk and your message will be forwarded to me.

Looking forward to seeing a lot international academics soon!

Giulia Farina


Praktiske oplysninger

Tidspunkt 18. juni 2019 - 31. december 2019

15:00 - 18:00

Sted Dansk Magisterforening

Peter Bangs Vej 30
2000 Frederiksberg


17. juni 2019



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