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Help us get Danish research through the corona crisis.

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Right now thousands of researchers are struggling to save years worth of invaluable research. Research that was set on stand-by when the Corona lockdown started in March and closed down laboratories, archives, libraries, and shut off the possibility to conduct interviews etc.

All research conducted by PhDs, postdocs, assistant professors and others on time limited contracts is endagered right now as researchers cannot finish their projects before their funding expires.

Though there is now a legal possibility to extend contracts, it remains unfinanced - putting an extreme pressure on young researchers and universities as they are forced to either give up research projects or find financing elsewhere.

This has to change.

We are working to secure financed contract extensions. Making sure research projects and young researchers are safe. And we are making politicians aware that research needs to be prioritized!

We believe that we are stronger together. So sign to show your support. Together we will make a difference.


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