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Changes in duties and place of employment for public sector employees

Read the joint declarations from the unions and employers which aim to create the framework and ensure a strong foundation for managing the current crisis.

All trade unions and employers in the municipal and regional sectors have issued joint declarations. The message for everyone is that we, in the public sector, stand together to resolve the crisis that has arisen - and continue the fight to prevent the corona virus from spreading.

The joint declarations also contain specific initiatives which may affect your work.

The joint declarations now open up for the possibility that you may be assigned duties in critical functions or tasks related to these at other times, locations and or within the scope of other collective agreements and areas of work than those of your normal employment. This means that you must be ready to perform duties that would normally be performed by other personnel groups and according to other collective agreements than the one that covers your area of employment.

It is clearly stated in the joint declarations that the performance of other duties must continue to be based on existing collective agreements and other agreements. If you are to perform other duties, this means that this performance of duties must continue to be in accordance with the collective agreements and other agreements applying to your usual employment, and as stated in your letter of employment.

The joint declarations of the unions and employers aim to create the framework and a strong foundation for managing the current crisis. All municipal and regional employees and managers face a difficult task in the next days, weeks and months. With the joint declarations, the parties create the necessary framework for the municipalities and ensure the employees as much security as possible in their specific work situation.

This is an agreement that confers great powers and great responsibility on the local employers. The joint declarations encourage that you and your colleagues as well as the union representatives are consulted, as far as this is possible, in connection with changes to duties, etc. and that the necessary instruction and training are provided.

We are currently awaiting the conclusion of key agreements in the ​​state and regional sectors on the transfer of personnel from areas covered by other collective agreements to temporary service in areas of deficiency.

This mainly concerns the services provided to the elderly, the hospital sector, the emergency sector, the increased need for childcare for key staff, and the like.

In the municipal sector, local agreements will need to be entered into regarding work outside the scope of own collective agreements. It is important that the local union representatives in the municipalities are involved in this work.

DM recommends that, as a minimum, the local agreements contain agreements on:

  • The option of moving employees to other places of employment and to other duties based on a voluntariness principle
  • Necessary training
  • Ensuring that all work can be carried out professionally and responsibly in terms of health
  • The creation of job banks in which employees can register their skills so employers know what skills they have to draw from
  • Working hours, including remuneration for work at skewed times

We urge everyone to support the efforts to ensure preparedness in the coming weeks and months, so that – together - we can overcome the challenges facing our entire society. For the time being, the agreement is due to run until 31 May 2020.

In Vejle municipality, DM and a number of other professional organisations have entered into a local agreement on the terms of work outside the scope of own collective agreement in connection with COVID-19. See the agreement from Vejle Municipality as an example of a local agreement in the municipal sector.

Can I be assigned duties other than those I usually handle and for another place of employment?

It is the individual workplace that is responsible for managing and distributing work and it is within the right of the management to change priorities.

Changing your duties as a result of the current crisis requires that everyone is flexible, and you may be assigned duties other than those you are hired to usually handle. This includes duties outside the scope of your collective ​​agreement, such as non-academic work. Of course, it is a prerequisite that you, as an employee, receive your salary as usual, that you receive the necessary training and that it is possible for you to perform the duties professionally and in a safe manner in terms of health.

Similarly, you may be asked to perform duties for other places of employment, depending on where you are employed.

The state: State sector employees may be moved within their own field of employment. However, since the loan or change of place of employment is likely to be of short duration, the agreement on business travel may be applicable.

The regions: Regional sector employees may be moved within the entire region. The regions and the unions have agreed a joint declaration, supporting the flexibility required by the present situation.

The municipalities: Municipal employees may be moved within the entire municipality. The municipalities and the unions have agreed a joint declaration, supporting the flexibility required by the present situation.

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