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Changes in duties and place of employment for private sector employees

Learn about how you should conduct yourself as a private employee if e.g. you are asked to perform other duties than those you usually perform and for another place of employment.

My manager has changed my duties and asked me to join the shifts. I usually work in the development department. Am I obliged to do so?

Yes, the corona crisis is a very unusual and unpredictable situation, so a change in duties may be a necessity.

We therefore encourage you to engage in dialogue with your manager to agree on how your work should be rescheduled and for what time period of time.

In the case of changes in your pay and working hours, it is no longer a change in your work but significant changes to your position, which must be notified by providing the notice of termination stated in your contract. If you are employed under a collective agreement, it is the parties to the agreement who agree the conditions relating to changes in duties. In that case, you should contact DM.

My manager wants me to work in another branch of the company next month, which is further away from my home. Is he able to require that?

Yes, changing the place of employment may be a necessity to ensure the operation of the company. As the corona crisis is quite unusual, a temporary change in your place of employment may occur without notice being provided.

Contact DM

Contact DM if you have questions about changes to your duties or place of employment in connection with the corona virus.

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